DIY Weaving Activity

Kelly Teaches You How to Weave with Supplies at Hand!

Ages 5+

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The concept and practice of weaving becomes accessible and mastered through these simple activities. Once children master the concept of weaving it can be explored and continued in an endless array of mediums, and used in all kinds of creations!

A simple and small project to get started is a small bracelet or wristband.


  • Paper, colorful cardstock works best
  • Scissors
  • Tape: masking and clear packing tape

Directions for Weaving with Paper

  1. Begin by cutting a large strip of paper. If it’s an 9×11 piece of paper cut it longwise into half or thirds.
  2. Cut small pieces of paper, ideally of a different color, the width of the larger strip.
  3. Arrange them with a small amount of space between then, about ¼ inch, along the long strip and then tape them down. This is your warp, or what you will weave through.
  4. Cut more strips of paper, of another color if possible, the length of the long strip. The width of the strips will be determined by how many you want to fit onto the weave.
  5. Beginning at one end, weave the longer strips by going over and under the shorter ones that are taped down.
  6. Repeat, alternating the ‘over’ and ‘under’ until you run out of room.
  7. When you’re finished, you can use clear packing tape to cover the weaving and keep everything together.
  8. Cut off excess from edges if you want, and then wrap around wrist and tape together if you want to wear it as a bracelet!


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