How To Make Paper Plate Crowns

Paper Plate Prince and Princess Crowns: All Ages

Sometimes, life is just easier if you have a crown to wear. Make a simple one out of a paper plate, paint, and craft decorations.


 Paper plates (one per child)
 Scissors
 Tempera Paint
 Paint cups & brushes
 Glue
 Crafty items: sequins, poms, etc.


  1. Give each child a paper plate and scissors
  2. Bend paper plate in half
  3. Cut vertically up the middle (3/4 of the way to the edge) of plate
  4. Unbend paper plate and cut horizontally across cut you just made (essentially creating a + in the center of the paper plate)
  5. Cut diagonally between each cut you just made (creating 8 triangular slices in the center)
  6. Once cut, decorate with paint, poms, sequins, etc.
  7. When they are dry, bend the triangles up.


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