How To Make A Paper Plate Crown

Paper plate crowns made by kids at Children's Museum of Sonoma County

DIY Paper Plate Peace Crowns: All Ages

Sometimes, life is just easier if you have a crown to wear. Check out this easy art project to make a paper plate crown at home using paper plates, paint, and craft decorations.


 Paper plates (one per child)
 Scissors
 Tempera Paint
 Paint cups & brushes
 Glue
 Crafty items: sequins, poms, etc.


  1. Fold the paper plate in half and cut vertically up the middle of the plate. (3/4 of the way to the edge)
  2. Unbend paper plate and create a + in the center of the plate by cutting horizontally across your first cut.
  3. Then cut diagonally between each cut to create 8 triangular crown points in the center.
  4. Once your have your points, write or paint the word “PEACE” along the brim. If your child is still learning letters, write the word for them, and have them to trace over the lines.
  5. Decorate your peace crown anyway you like, with paint, poms, sequins, etc!
  6. Once they are dry, bend the triangles up and wear your Peace Crown with pride!


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