How to Make Post-It Note Finger Puppets

Easy To Make Post-It Note Puppet Pets at Home: Ages 5+

children and mom play with homemade paper finger puppets


Easily create your own finger puppets for imaginative play and storytelling.


 Post-it notes (regular size; in a variety of colors) If not Post-it notes are available, a 4” square piece of paper and a small piece of tape works, too!
 Fine-tip markers
 Scissors


  1. Roll the Post-it snugly around your finger, and press flat to stick.
  2. Fold one end down for the head and crease.
  3. Unfold. Cut two snips for ears (small, large, pointed, or round).
  4. Fold head down again; bend ears up.
  5. Fold corners under for nose or chin.
  6. Two dots with a pen will create eyes.
  7. Use your imagination to add tails, spots, horns, whiskers, or whatever!


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