Home Play

DIY bird feeder filled with birdseed and crisco

DIY Bird Feeders

Watch all the local birds enjoy a snack out of your DIY bird feeder! How many different birds can you spot?

mother and two children doing a balloon blow-up science experiment at home

Balloon Blow-Up Science Experiment

Using items easily found at home, you can blow up a balloon without using your mouth or your own breath! This isn’t magic; it’s science!

Toy tools and cubes on a light background. Toy for children.

Loose Parts Play

Loose parts have no specific function or goal. They can be moved, arranged, designed, taken apart and more!

keys printed with sunprint kit on blue paper

DIY Sun Prints

Try this at-home activity with your kids! Aymie will guide you through the steps to create your own sun prints with the Sunprint Kit!

paper folded into an Accordion Book on teal background

DIY Accordion Books

Fold paper into your own accordion book. Let your child’s imagination run wild with this silly and fun craft and drawing activity.

Hands of a toddler holding blue sponge with bathtub on the background

Bathtime Toy Sensory Bin

Water sensory bins are always a fun time for children, and this activity never fails to make bath time entertaining!

colorful ice cubes

Paint With Ice

Create colorful ice cubes for toddlers and friends to use to paint beautiful pictures.


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