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little girl smile and lay on grass with music note background

DIY Musical Instruments

Using some basic craft supplies, and a little creativity and ingenuity, you can make your DIY own musical instruments at home.

young child drawing sun with sidewalk chalk on asphalt

DIY Sidewalk Chalk At Home!

Make your own sidewalk chalk at home for a creative and hands-on activity to help your kids have fun while they're not in school.

bean sprouting and growing in soil

Bean Power

Help your child discover a better understanding of how plants grow and flowers bloom, with this fun science project!

red cabbage cutaway detail photo

Cabbage Soup

In this experiment, kids watch as "cabbage soup" turns different colors right before their eyes! This science project is designed to help kids observe chemical change!

Boy looking on crystals he grew through magnifying glass

Borax Crystals

Here's an easy and amazing way for your child to grow their own colorful borax crystal decorations overnight!


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