Homemade Bird Houses

Make Colorful Birdhouse Just in Time for Spring! Ages 3+

child making a homemade birdhouse

Birdhouses give our feathered friends a place to either live or if filled with birdseed, an easy place to find sustenance. Make your own birdhouse for the backyard or patio and sit and watch all the birds that stop by to visit! Try and count them all!


  • Birds
  • Observe
  • Create
  • Engineer
  • Plan
  • Home


 Milk cartons
 Tissue paper
 Modge Podge = Mix white liquid glue with a little bit of water
 Acrylic Paint and paint brushes
 Scissors
 Popsicle/craft sticks
 Birdseed


  1. Determine whether this will be a house or a feeder
  2. Feeder: Start with a milk carton and cut out a square on one side of the milk carton, this will be
    the entrance for your bird friends!
    House: Cut a smaller hole that will only allow one bird at a time through the entry
    *Make sure to leave an inch or two of space between the cutout square and the bottom of the
  3. Push a craft/popsicle stick through the space between the bottom of the carton and the bottom
    of the cutout square
  4. Time to decorate!
    – Use Modge Podge to layer tissue paper ***Not wet weather friendly
    – Decorate with acrylic paint ***stand up to most weather
  5. Add some birdseed and hang in your yard

Whats Happening?

The smaller hole for a birdhouse will protect any baby birds from larger predator birds. A bird feeder is a great attractant to the birds in your backyard giving you time and space to observe their behavior. How many varieties of birds are using the feeder? What are they doing? Can you identify them?

  • What are some birds we see in Mary’s Garden, and might they make their homes/find food in your birdhouse?
  • See which birds might be in our garden at the moment. Can you identify them?
  • Explore the internet for local bird species in your area.
  • Talk a walk around your neighborhood to see what other birds live there.
  • What observations can you make? What are they doing? Are they on the ground? In the trees? What are they eating?


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