Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers

Work on Color Recognition and Build Fine Motor Skills with Fun Color Sorting Activities!

toddler sorting colored objects into cups

Ideas or Inquiries

With simple household items, and a bit of imagination, you can create a fun, interactive game for your child.


  • Small containers (one for each color), such as:
    • Muffin tins
    • Colored plastic bowls
    • Small plastic storage containers
      **If using small bowls or storage containers, consider putting them on a rimmed baking sheet, to keep them all together.
  • Small, brightly colored toys – multiples of each color. Options can be:
    • Craft poms
    • Buttons
    • LEGOs or small blocks
  • Optional – colored paper to match the colors of the toys


  1. If using the colored paper, cut out circles and put them in the bottom of the sorting containers, to signify which color goes where. If not using the paper, you can let your little decide which container holds which color.
  2. Put all the toys in one big container, and then let your child sort and mix and have fun!
color sorting homemade toy
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If you’ve done the regular way for a while, and you want to mix it up a bit, consider this fun twist!

  1. Tape toilet paper or paper towel tubes (one for each color) to the wall or door. 
  2. Put small containers at the bottom, to collect the toys.
  3. Make sure the small toys will fit freely through the tubes.
  4. Sorting is always fun when there’s a chute involved! ☺


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