DIY Capes, Masks and Crowns

kids dressed up in homemade capes and superhero masks

Make Your Own Superhero Capes, Masks and Crowns At Home

Children can get creative and design, then create, their own cape, mask, or crown (or any combination therein).


  • Get some Templates Ideas Online
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Cardstock or other heavy paper for masks
  • Blank Mask (will need to prep ahead of time)
  • Blank Cape (will need to prep ahead of time) 
  • Fabric markers 
  • Fabric pieces-one large enough to make a cape, several smaller scraps for decor
  • Misc craft items 
  • Hot glue gun/glue


  1. Plan out and design the cape, mask, or crown. (Templates can be helpful here or ask children what their favorite colors are, or what type of mask/cape/crown they envision.)
  2. Ask them to use the template to plan ahead what they’d like their creation to look like. They can think about it too, it doesn’t matter if it looks exactly like it. This is just to slow them down a bit and get them to plan.
  3. Once they have designed their cape/mask/crown, they can move on to the creation portion.
  4. Use the supplies to decorate the cape/mask/crown 


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