DIY No-Sew Pillows

Make Your Own Pillows With No Sewing Required: Ages 6+

diy no-sew pillow for kids

You don’t need to be able to sew to make a fun pillow! Using scissors and tying knots makes the pillow, but it also allows for fine-motor skill development.


  • Tie
  • Cut
  • Twist


 Fabric squares/rectangles (2 per pillow) (we recommend 22” x 16”)
 Scissors
 Stuffing (Poly-Fil or natural fiber)
 Post-it Notes
 Ruler


  1. Each child receives two squares of fabric; make sure to stack the fabric right-side-out.
  2. Use the Post-it note as a guide to cut a 3” x 3” square out of each corner.
  3. Cut ¾” inch wide strips, about 3” long around all four sides of the fabric (not the cut-out corners).
  4. Once done, start tying knots! Knot each pair of fringe tightly (you’re tying the two pieces of fabric together).
  5. Tie knots around all four sides, but leave a 3” opening at one end.
  6. Stuff the pillow with either Poly-Fil or the natural fiber, to the desired fluffiness.
  7. Finish tying the knots on the pillow (tie tightly!).

What’s Happening?

This method allows kids to create their own pillow without having to sew or use hot glue. Fabric choices can also be old t-shirts, used pillowcases, or polar fleece. This also allows children a chance to develop some fine-motor skills with the use of scissors and in the challenge of tying the knots.


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