Egg in a Bottle

science experiment called egg in a bottle being demonstrated by an adult

Egg In A Bottle Science Experiment For Kids!

egg in bottle experiment to do at home

This trick teaches children about Air Pressure. Air pressure is the weight of air molecules pressing down on something – in this case, an egg! WOW! your kids with this fun science trick! The egg in a bottle science experiment is a great way to inspire and intrigue young minds and get them to start wondering how stuff works!
Adult supervision required!


  • An adult helper
  • Clean, dry wide mouthed glass milk or juice bottle
  • Peeled hard boiled egg that’s a little bigger than the jar’s mouth
  • Matches
  • A few strips of paper to light w/ matches


The object is to get the egg into the bottle without harming the egg.

  1. Start by smearing some water around the mouth of the bottle.
  2. Have the adult light a match and set the strip of paper on fire. Quickly put the burning strip into the bottle. Be careful not to accidentally burn your fingers.  
  3. Immediately cover the mouth of the bottle with the egg. In just seconds, the fire will go out, and some invisible force will literally “push” the egg into the bottle. That’s amazing!


Hot air expands. Cold air contracts. When the air inside the bottle is heated, the molecules, or tiny air particles, inside the bottle spread out, increasing air pressure. As the air in the bottle cools, the air pressure decreases. The greater outside air pressure pushes the egg into the bottle. Blowing into the bottle raises the air pressure again. The air and the egg rush out of the bottle.

OK, let’s get it back out. Wash the ashes out of the bottle. Turn it upside down and position the egg with the pointy end back in the opening. Take a deep breath and blow in. Continue to hold the bottle upside down, wait and watch.


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