Gadget Painting for Toddlers

Use Household Objects to Create Pieces of Art with Your Toddler

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Who says that you need traditional art supplies to make beautiful masterpieces? Open your kitchen’s gadget drawer and let your little get creative!


  • Paper
  • Paint (out of paint? We posted a recipe for DIY Finger Paint a few weeks ago!)
  • Small containers
  • Kitchen Gadgets & Toys, such as:
    • Potato Masher
    • Forks
    • Upside down cookie cutters
    • Toy cars
    • Plastic toy animals
    • Small pieces of sponge held in a clothespin


  1. Put paint out in small containers 
  2. Let your child dip the gadgets and toys in the paint, then place them on the paper to see what kind of print/texture will develop!


Vegetable scraps work great for printing, too! Try using orange peels (any citrus peels, really), the core of celery or romaine lettuce, even the tops of bell peppers or carrots! Your veggie scraps are still compostable, even if covered in paint!


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