Paint Blow Monsters

Make Funny Paint Monsters at Home: Ages 3+

Paint, straws, googly eyes, and some pens are all that’s needed to create unique creatures. Use your imagination and see who you can make!


 Paper (index cards or small pieces of cardstock work great)
 Straws
 Different colors of Tempera paint
 Googly eyes
 Pens/markers/Sharpies


  1. Give each child a piece of paper (or pieces of paper – this is a fun one!)
  2. Have each child choose the color(s) of paint.
  3. Put a quarter-sized amount of paint (of each color, if that’s desired) on their paper.
  4. They use the straw and blow through it to move the paint around.
  5. Once the paint splat is to their desired shape:
    a. Add Googly eyes (they will stick in the paint; no glue needed)
    b. They can use the pens/markers/Sharpies to add legs, arms, antennae, etc…


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