A cute little girl and her mother are washing their hands. Protection against infections and viruses.

How To Wash Your Hands

Watch our hand washing video demonstration and try it together at home with this fun hand washing sing-along activity.

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Museum Closure

A Word from Our Founder at The Children's Museum of Sonoma County about our temporary closer due to COVID-19.

Children's Museum of Sonoma County logo

COVID-19 Update

A COVID-19 Update from Our Founder at The Children's Museum of Sonoma County.

wonder camp sign and child on building

Science Exploration

Here are some fun and easy things you can do at home with your kids. We’ll keep adding to this page, so come back often. Worm Bin   Worm composters...

Development Perspectives

Developmental Perspectives of Cognition and Play By Bernice Callahan, Board Member, Founder of California Parenting Institute, and Former School Teacher  The Toddler Toddlers are consumed with curiosity. Their boundless energy...

bean sprouting and growing in soil

Bean Power

Help your child discover a better understanding of how plants grow and flowers bloom, with this fun science project!

red cabbage cutaway detail photo

Cabbage Soup

In this experiment, kids watch as "cabbage soup" turns different colors right before their eyes! This science project is designed to help kids observe chemical change!


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